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Trusted Online Casinos - Updated (2021)

Imagine winning at your online casino and not being able to withdraw your money back.

Not a fairy tale at all! Keep reading to learn how to avoid unlicensed operators.

Where can we start?

Well, the most important thing is to find a casino that operates legally in your country. This way, you can deposit and withdraw your money quickly and easily. 

Is this necessary? Absolutely.

Today is your lucky day! Here, we are sharing the complete list of all real money casinos operating in your country that you can trust and word-class information you need to know about the fair play that any casino will tell you.

And that’s not all!

You can also scroll down to discover our Online Casinos Blacklist.

Forget about asking Google a hundred questions and let us do the hard work!

Now, keep reading to become an online casino expert following some simple steps. Avoid getting fooled by an illegal online casino and make sure to put your money in a safe place.

Trusted Online Casinos

What is a Casino License?

Trusted Online Casinos

Online Casinos that can be trusted are those operating legally in your country. And to operate legally, casinos need to obtain a License.

Many of you are probably wondering what this license means. A casino license is a kind of permit issued by every country, or group of countries and states, in the case of the USA and the European Union, to regulate the services and products of an online casino. Casinos holding a legal permit can operate and offer their services in the country or countries included in their licenses.

If you are about to choose your online operator, you must go for a casino with a license. 


Well, once you find your casino and register, you would be able to deposit, play & bet, get bonuses and withdraw your money. 

And that’s not all. 

If any question arises, you can always ask the Customer Service Support, make a call or write them through Live Chat. Any legal casino must provide at least one way of support and plenty of information about their services, Terms & Conditions and Responsible Betting.

However, if you choose a casino without a license, you will be alone here!

Unlicensed Operators

All casinos operating without a license will be penalized. Consequently, any individual playing wilfully at any illegal casino will be considered to go against the law.  Moreover, casinos without a license have not been under the supervision of official authority and the services and products of that casino may fail to meet legal requirements.

Getting Their License

Here, you will find the casino essentials to get their licenses:

To apply for it, casinos must follow certain procedures and checks which may differ between countries and commissions. Some procedures may include information about the company, tax and financial situation, random number generation, and criminal background. Additionally, it may request information regarding game fairness, ethical practices, fair employment, responsible gaming, and support. The goal behind this procedure is to ensure high-quality services and products as well as a safe gaming atmosphere.

Every country has its competent authority in charge of regulating gambling activities and solving disputes between operators and players. All official organisations are entrusted by its governments to regulate, monitor and supervise the different activities, licenses and other aspects related to gambling operators.

To conclude, we also recommend reading thoroughly the Terms & Conditions of each casino, so you can make sure your casino owns a legal license.

But don’t stress too much about the way casinos get their license because that is their problem and not yours. Just choose a trusted casino, check their website and make sure they show their license, a badge or something to prove it.

How to Choose Your Online Casino

Let’s get down to business!

We have already mentioned some key factors to make sure you choose a license casino. However, having a license doesn’t mean necessarily that your casino is good enough. 

But don’t worry! Because we are here to help you.

That is why we have created this amazing infographic with essential tips:

Casino Online Tips EN

If you want to find great casinos that meet these requirements, check our post about  Best Real Money Casinos.

And if you are still curious, keep reading to learn more!

Online Gambling Around the World

In general, we highly recommend looking at foreign casinos that you can trust and that offer great casino bonuses and games, such as Online Roulette, Online Slots, and Blackjack Online. And remember to always place your bets at casinos holding a license. 

Status: Online Casinos are legal with some restrictions

According to the European Commission, there isn’t any specific legislation to regulate the gaming industry now. As a result, every country within the European Union acts with full autonomy in terms of gambling services. However, all countries wishing to take part in such activities must apply the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), as interpreted by the Court of Justice of the EU. In this case, it will be necessary to check the legal authority in charge of each country.

United Kingdom – UK Gambling Commission

Isle of Man – Gambling Supervision Commission

Sweden – Swedish Gambling Authority

France – L’Autorité de Régulation des Jeux en Ligne (ARJEL)

Italy – The Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (AAMS)

Spain – Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ)

Malta – Malta Gaming Authority

Gibraltar – Gibraltar Gambling Commission

Belgium – Belgian Gambling Commission

Denmark – The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA)

Netherlands – The Netherlands Gambling Authority

Status: partially legal

Aussie players can play at online casinos based in Australia without betting real money. 

On the other hand, Aussie players can bet for Real Money at offshore online casinos that hold a license. These online operators are normally based on Malta, Curacao, Isle of Man, Gibraltar…

Who regulates the situation in Australia?

The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission is an independent body created under section 5 of the Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999. The act provides essential information related to gambling and racing. It also establishes the powers, functions, and activities of the Commission.

Who regulates the situation in New Zealand?

Gambling has always existed in New Zealand. However, there have been different periods with more or fewer restrictions. 

But what’s the situation in 2020?

For now, all kind of gambling, such as online casino and sports betting, is prohibited unless it is authorised by the government. As it happens in many other countries, gambling operators need to get a license issued by the government or legal authority.

The good news is that only Online Operators based in New Zealand need to apply for that license. As a result, all citizens from New Zealand are allowed to play at any foreign casino based on another country. These foreign casinos also need a license to operate legally. However, this license is issued by different countries such as the UK, Isle of Man, Malta, Curacao, etc. 

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) is a national trade association that works to regulate the gaming industry in Canada. The objective behind this association is to promote the economic value of gaming, as well as to use research, innovation, and best practices to help the industry advance and future. Moreover, it ensures a productive dialogue among stakeholders and players.

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is the association that regulates the gaming industry in the United States since 1994.  The AGA was created to regulate legislative and regulatory issues that affect both its members and clients. Some of these issues include federal taxation, legal issues, licenses, and travel and tourism matters. On the other hand, the AGA is committed to deliver accurate gaming industry data and to offer quality services and products.


Status: online casinos are partially legal

There is still no specific legislation regarding online betting. As a result, online gaming activities, live gambling, and even secure gambling are not illegal and are in a grey area. The gambling market is considered the fastest-growing market in Latin America. Mexican gambling sites are not available to Mexican citizens, but local players can play on foreign-based sites. We recommend keeping updated as this situation may change.


Status: online casinos are illegal

Coljuegos is the commission that regulates gambling in Colombia. Except for a few online lottery games allowed by the Coljuegos, online gambling is currently illegal in Colombia. However, hundreds of online gambling operators are still available in the country.


Status: online casinos are illegal

Argentina is the country with the most complex situation regarding online gaming. In a few words, online gambling is not legal but there are a huge number of locals who still find a way to play.

In Asia, however, there is not a single commission or association that regulates the gaming industry. It makes a lot of sense since every country is ruled by its government and laws and rules. You can find many Asian countries where gambling at online casinos is illegal or party legal.

So, what can you do? In this scenario, we recommend doing some basic research to make sure betting at an online casino is legal and that there is an Association that regulates gaming activities.

Here, we will show you some Asian countries where gambling at an online casino is legal, party legal or illegal: 



Status: Online Casinos are Legal

In the Philippines, the association in charge of regulating the gambling operators and activities is the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).


China, Hong Kong & Macao

Status in China: Online Casinos and Land-based Casinos are illegal.

Status in Hong Kong: There is not a law regulating online gambling in Hong Kong. Online casinos are supposed to be illegal, but you can see many casinos based on foreign countries.

Status in Macao: The situation in this country is a bit special. On the one hand, betting in land-based casinos, playing poker, and sports betting are completely legal. In fact, some people will know Macao for its similarity with Las Vegas. On the other hand, betting at Online Casinos is not banned because it is not a subject to Macao’s law. And if it is not banned… there is no reason to stop playing at your favorite casino.


Status in India: Online Casinos are partly legal.

Online Casinos are legal in Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. In the rest of India, it is hard to tell if it is legal or not. There is kind of a legal vacuum, so many operators will play in the grey area.


Status in Indonesia: Online Casinos are illegal.

All types of gambling are illegal, including online casinos and lotteries. In this case, many locals will play at international casinos.


Online Casino Status in Japan: Slots, poker, blackjack, and other similar games are considered illegal.

Online betting Status: Activities such as horse races, motorcycle races, bike races, motorboat races are legal and regulated by the government.


Online Casino Status in Vietnam: Playing at Online Casinos is legal. Betting at online casinos is not banned because it is not an issue included in Vietnamese law.

Land-based Casino Status: In this case, playing at Online Casinos in Vietnam is partly legal. If you are a tourist or a foreigner… Welcome to Vietnam! You can play at online casinos legally and these casinos are usually located at nice hotels. However, if you are a local, all types of gambling are banned, except for the national lottery.


Online Casino Status in Thailand: It is legal to play at Online Casinos if these Casinos have obtained a legal license issued by a foreign country

Blacklist: Casinos You Should Avoid

Blacklisted Casinos

You are almost an expert!

Now, you will discover our Online Casinos blacklist. 

Why are these casinos so bad?  Well, in this list we have included casinos that we considered to be pretty bad for several reasons. 

Firstly, we have included casinos without a license, but the list goes further…

You can also find casinos with a bad reputation, awful reviews, unsafe casinos, and payment methods or casinos that simply don’t want to give you your rewards, even if you meet all requirements and you do nothing wrong.

Discover the list of Casinos where you should avoid betting your money!

Blacklisted Online Casinos

21 Dukes
50 Stars
Balzac Casino
Bet The Dealer
Blu Casino
Captain Jack Casino
Casino Tropez
Cats Eye Casino
Amco Casino
Aztec Casino
Lady Dream
Wager21 Casino
1X2 gaming
Ace Live Casino
Bella Vegas
Carnival Casino
Casino Del Rio
Casino States
Classy Coin
Crown Casino
Grand Reef